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Our minds are safe in yesterday. But that's not what our minds are made for.
V. Gokal

Back to UKZN Howard Campus!
Grade 11 and Grade 12
Maths and Physical Science Classes at
Memorial Tower Building

Dudes and Dudettes!
Need some help in Maths ... and Physical Science?

Tuition - Extreme Classes!

Grade 11 and 12
Physical Science and Maths Expert Classes

We STARTED already for 2017!
Students MUST be seated by lesson times, shown below.
So come early. Limited places. Bring writing material and calculator. That's all!

  • Cost: R300 per subject (4 x 2 hour lessons)
  • Venue: UKZN Howard Campus, Memorial Tower Building
  • Directions: Scroll below.
  • Registration: Very quick. Come to venue on Sunday. Learners can be registered for one or both subjects.
    (You will receive a set of 4 tickets (with dates), for the next 4 lessons.)

Physical Science

V. Gokal
Email: academic@afrihost.co.za

Physical Science Grade 11
9:30am to 11:30pm

Physical Science Grade 12
12 to 2pm

UKZN, Howard Campus
Just turn up at the venue!


M. Khan
Email: mathslab@polka.co.za

Maths Grade 12
9:30am to 11:30pm

Maths Grade 11
12 to 2pm

UKZN, Howard Campus
Just turn up at the venue!

Why us?

  • Dynamic lessons!
  • e-Learning support
  • Over 26 years experience!
  • Typed notes and tutorials provided.
  • No textbooks required. We provide all relevant notes and tutorials!
  • These lessons are suitable only for learners who are serious about improving their results, prepared to work consistently and value the effort of parents in financing extra lessons.
  • Does NOT matter if you currently have a low symbol. Let's improve on this!
  • Countless excellent reviews!
  • We are passionate about our work!

Directions to UKZN Howard Campus

  • Come from Ridge Road side (the road with lots of up and down hills, past Entabeni Hospital)
  • Enter through MAIN GATE
  • Immediately on your right, after entering there is very tall building. We in there.
  • Can't miss it!

Only on Sundays
Each lesson is 2 hours
FOUR such lessons is a Cycle.
Fees are paid per Cycle.
Fees are not per month, since some months do not have 4 Sundays.

We use a lot of technology to teach, and now including the Microsoft awarded EWriter!
Yes, we good!


Don't miss out!
Spread the word for us!

Grade 12 and Grade 11


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Our minds are safe in yesterday.
But that's not what our minds are made for.

V. Gokal


Register for Physical Science

It is wise to give your child an early advantage. We have a proven track record of excellence in teaching Physical Science.

Register for Maths

We teach Maths from simple to complex. Join our classes early for maximum benefit in Mathematics.

What We Do

We design our own worksheets and tutorials, and our lessons are delivered with dynamic passion! We do revision all the time!

Our Experience

With over 26 years of experience already, we are well equipped to teach your child. We love what we do!


All our students are able to contact us easily for additional assistance. This is very crucial especially around exam time.


Smartlearner www.smartlearner.mobi is our online learning website, and recognised worldwide!



SmartLearner www.smartLearner.mobi has passed the Google test for mobile design. We are proud!
In addition to many newspaper articles, SmartLearner has been written about in an international reference book called the e-HR Advantage, USA.
Get past papers, in DualView (Windows) or CatView (all OS).
Try our online tutorials, notes, etc.

Don't Teach Science. Teach People.

Physical Science and Mathematics


Physical Science is NOT difficult. It is just a matter of approach.

by V. Gokal

Physical Science is a combination of Physics and Chemistry. Students need to start these topics as early as possible to realise that it is indeed easy. Physical Science is not "wishy-washy", but rather a very precise subject with very easy ways to solve.


Mathematics is also an easy subject. You just have to master a few rules.

by M. Khan

There is a misconception that Mathematics is difficult. You need to practice from the easy examples, in order to reach the more complex. Then you find that there are no complex examples! Developing the right approach is all that it takes!