Terms and Conditions

This notice is deemed to be read and accepted by all persons registered to our classes.

Conditions for Attendance to our Classes

  1. Excellent conduct is required.
  2. No smoking, no drinking of alcohol, no drugs, no weapons, etc.
  3. All Health/Safety and Fire Regulation currently in force must be complied with in consultation with Risk Control. Fire exits must be accessible at all times, in consultation with the Risk Control Manager.
  4. No bunking.
  5. No food or drinks are allowed inside the venues.
  6. The venue must be kept in an acceptably clean condition at all times. Any costs incurred in cleaning the venue after use will be for your account.
  7. All fees must be paid as required. Late fees will be subjected to an additional cost.
  8. No refunds for lessons missed.
  9. You are not allowed to make any form of electronic recordings of our lessons, including photos, audios, videos, etc.
  10. I do hereby indemnify and hold harmless EWriter (Pty) LTD and all its employees and / or partners against all and any claims which may be made against it / them arising out of or in connection with any injury to, or death of, any person with regard to attendance to the classes. We hereby acknowledge, accept and agree to abide by the above conditions.
  11. Violation of any of these conditions may lead to you being asked to leave our classes.